WSO2 Deployment synchronization on Windows environment

Deployment synchronization (dep-sync) is a feature that is shipped with most of the WSO2 products. This blog looks at how deployment synchronization can be achieved on carbon instances running on windows environment.

  1. Deployment synchronization requires SVNKit implementation from This library has to be downloaded separately since it is not shipped with the WSO2 distribution.
  2. Once this SVN kit is downloaded copy the svnClientBundle-1.0.0.jar to {carbon_home}\repository\components\dropins folder on all the instances that artifacts need to be synchronized.
  3. In the Manager node open the {carbon_home}\repository\conf\carbon.xml and enable the dep-sync configuration as given below
  1. In the worker nodes use the following configuration to enable dep-sync in the {carbon_home}\repository\conf\carbon.xml file.
  1. Enable clustering in all instances by setting the clustering value as true in the {carbon_home}\repository\conf\axis2\axis2.xml.
<clustering class="org.apache.axis2.clustering.tribes.TribesClusteringAgent" enable="true">

Once the clustering is enabled, set a domain name so that all instances in the cluster will have the same domain name. Domain can be set as shown below.

 <parameter name="domain">wso2.carbon.domain</parameter>

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