Creating your own profile in the API Manager

API Manager is shipped with the capability that allows the product to be started in a specific profile(for example a Gateway profile or a Key Manager profile). When the API Manager is started in a specific profile only the features specific to that profile and the common features as started with the server. For example if you start the API Manager with the Key Manager profile, only the features required for the key manager server and the set of features common to all profiles are started.

The feature bundling capability is provided using the underline OSGi architecture of the WSO2 API Manager. The API Manager is currently shipped with some server profiles which are documented in the following URL[1]. This blog looks at how we can create our own profile within the API Manager.

Features relating to a given API Manager profile can be found in the following location

\repository\components\\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\ file contains the features that needs to be started with the given profile.

Lets create a new profile called ‘api-km-pub’. This profile will allow the API Manager to work as a Key Manager and a Publisher. For this profile I will merge the two files in ‘api-key-manager’ and ‘api-km-pub’. The merged bundle file should be placed in the following directory structure below


You can now start the API Manager server with the newly created profile by executing the following command

/bin/ -Dprofile=api-km-pub


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