Enabling artifact types in WSO2 Governance Registry Publisher and Store UI’s


New generation of WSO2 Governance Registry (5.x) releases has its own publisher and store user interfaces to publish and consume assets. Asset owners can publish the assets from the Publisher UI and manage the lifecycle of these assets from this UI, while consumers of assets can discover them from the Store UI. WSO2 Governance Registry currently ships many asset types however not every asset type is enabled in the Governance Registry Publisher and Store UI’s. Let’s take the asset type endpoints. This asset type is available in the default Governance Registry distribution but the Publisher and Store UI’s doesn’t have this asset type. Hence it is not possible to create endpoints from the PublisherUI or consume/view these assets from the Store UI. As you see below the Publisher doesn’t show an asset type endpoint in the Publisher UI.


To enable the asset in the Publisher lets open the following config file

<G-Reg Home>\repository\deployment\server\jaggeryapps\publisher\extensions\app\greg_publisher\app.js

You will find the following code snippet; remove the asset from the disabledAssets section.

Restart the server, the asset type is now available in the Publisher UI.


You can also enable a given asset type in the store UI. In order to do this you will need to do the same change in the following file.

<G-Reg Home>\repository\deployment\server\jaggeryapps\store\extensions\app\greg_store\app.js